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L-Minus Project Methodology

Our project delivery methodology is a specific implementation of Agile for consultancies. We are very proud of our project delivery method. In fact, we're writing a book on it. This book is specifically created for our delivery team, but also for our customers, who's understanding of our delivery method is key.

It follows the steps of Analyse > Architect> Develop > Test > Operate. As part of the L-Minus methodology, we are providing solutions to the customer as soon as possible to start that feedback mechanism. We provide support to assist with adoption, and as part of this process, we discover further improvements that can be made to iteratively improve the solution.

We use the principles of DevOps to ensure repeatable deployment steps and that deployments can be made at the end of each sprint.

L-Minus book cover

  • Hierarchical view of our requirements
  • Logically organised and prioritized requirements
  • Progress of work items from right to left
  • Used in L-Minus meetings
  • Progress of work items from right to left
  • Used in L-Minus meetings
Continuous Delivery
  • Regular deployments
  • Continuous improvements

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