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We provide consultancy services to understand your business and provide real tangible benefits to allow you to focus on your core productive skills, allowing you to do what you know best.

We follow an iterative process of Analyse > Architect > Develop > Test > Operate. Following this process, we deliver change to your business. To find out more, read about how we do it.

We provide:

  • Applications for data entry, collection & validation
  • Workflows to implement business processes
  • Business intelligence reports and dashboards
  • Custom skills for our knowledge agent
We leverage our customers investment in Microsoft Office 365, building solutions that implement Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Flow, Power BI, and Azure.
Save time + increase operational effectiveness + Unlock & retain knowledge

Free consultation

We're passionate about the technologies we use and solutions we provide. We'd love to get the opportunity to speak to you about how you can use these tools available to make your business more effective.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Flow
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Teams


We pride ourselves in offering effective IT support for our customers, ensuring successful user adoption of the platforms and solutions implemented in the business. We want the solutions we provide to be a success and carefully track user adoption.

We do this by structuring our support contracts on a "get it solved" basis and structured in a format analogous to a mobile phone contract. That means we are not overly concerned with scope, but rather ensuring the ticket is resolved. Additionally, this also means that some improvements and new features can be carried out under the support contract.

We want the solutions we provide to be a success for your business.
Support escalation (end users, KnowAll agent, support engineer, development engineer, 3rd party escalation)
Ticket escalation

We can work with existing internal helpdesks for our customers to support specific applications and platforms, as well as providing support directly to end users.

Our KnowAll Agent acts as part of the support team to handle end user questions. Our agent learns and improves from these questions and are reviewed as part of the monthly support meeting.

If required, we liaise with other 3rd party vendors such as Microsoft or our partners, to ensure resolution of support tickets.

Platform & solution support

We provide support services for the platforms and solutions we provide.

Quarterly reviews

We carry out quarterly reviews to review tickets, SLAs, new features & improvements, risks & issues.


We provide SLAs on support contracts on ticket responses.

Proactive support

Proactive system monitoring and integrate proactive support notifications into the systems we supply if an issue occurs.

Free trial

Find out more about the KnowAll Knowledge Agent

The KnowAll knowledge agent is just a few lines of code that can be added to your website and intranet today to provide the spring board to improving knowledge and insight into your business.