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About us

The company was formed in October 2002 by Ben Weeks to help business and government with the appropriate use of Microsoft technology, originally specializing in Microsoft SharePoint consultancy.

Since then, we have helped many organisations migrate to the cloud and utilize cloud technologies, such as by creating web and mobile applications, forms, intranets, workflows, business intelligence reports and artificial intelligence.

Knowledge is processing power
Our mission is to facilitate the growth of artificial intelligence in a positive way to the benefit of mankind. We will do this by providing enterprises with leading edge artificial intelligence solutions that provide tangible benefits to their business and their customers.
Our vision is to become the market leader in innovation and application in the field of artificial intelligence that results in a tangible positive impact on peoples lives.

Our values

  • We collaborate openly
  • We love what we do
  • We share innovation
  • We are creative
  • We think outside the box
  • We do what is best
  • We are self-reliant
  • We make decisions
  • We are doers and fixers
  • We are experts in our fields
  • We lead by example
  • We are trail blazers

Our team

Ben Weeks, CEO

Ben Weeks


Bisma Hashmi, Senior [Knowledge] Creator

Bisma Hashmi

Senior [Knowledge] Creator

Valeria Oshovskaya, Junior [Visual] Creator

Valeria Oshovskaya

Junior [Visual] Creator


KnowAll is a leading I.T. solutions provider using artificial intelligence solutions. We are focused on providing our clients with IT solutions and services that satisfy your IT requirements.

Documents and data

We ensure your data is organised and structured by providing a logical architecture and taxonomy and create connections between data, documents, and people.

Build applications and workflows

To ensure data quality, we build applications and workflows to facilitate ease of data input and validation at the point of entry.

Knowledge and insights

From this, we provide insights into your data and documents through effective search, business intelligence dashboards, and artificial intelligence.

Our partners

Microsoft Partner


Skykick partner

Skykick partner

Plumsail partner


ShareGate partner



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Find out more about the KnowAll Knowledge Agent

The KnowAll knowledge agent is just a few lines of code that can be added to your website and intranet today to provide the spring board to improving knowledge and insight into your business.